John Ondo | Columbus Ohio Filmmaker

Meet John Ondo

John grew up with a love of broadcasting. He began volunteering at local TV station in his hometown as a teenager, by the age of seventeen John was directing live television programs.  John moved from shooting and editing to producing nationally syndicated programs and pushing them in the early 90’s to be interactive using the Internet as a way to connect with the audience.Regardless of the changing technology, his focus remains the same, telling a great story. He’s been recognized for his storytelling abilities now with seven Telly Awards, including a Silver Telly for his documentary work, and three Emmy Awards®.

John loves telling the stories of businesses; it’s the story of America. Furthermore, the stories we’ve produced continue to help our clients promote both their causes as well as solving their funding problems for non-profits by creating compelling and emotional fundraising media.

John founded Ondo Media around the simple thought; ‘Let your story be told’. You have a story. It’s what will separate you from your competition. Allow us the privilege of telling it through our video production and internet experience.

John is the father of three and serves as an advisor to several schools in Central Ohio.