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You don’t need a video, you need a film for web!Why just hiring someone to do a video is a mistake.

Words mean things. Recently there’s been a buzz in marketing and social media circles about “videos for web”. I even have it on my website because I know it’s a popular search term. However, it’s a horribly inaccurate phrase. I have an ego like all of us do. My skin crawls when someone says “You’re a video cameraman”? That’s saying to trained chef, “So you cook food?” That’s what most business get when they hire someone to do a video, a cameraman. A video implies visual, when, in fact, a film suggests a story, editing, sound treatment. There are many very beautiful “videos for web” out there today. Shot on DSLR, beautiful lighting, and cute acoustic soundtracks. That’s a video. It’s not a story. It’s not a film and it’s not going to bring challenge customers to try your product.

A video implies visual, when, in fact, a film suggests a story, editing, sound treatment

What true professionals like myself focus on with our clients is the story. Telling it not only visually, but through interviews, sound, editing and even details like color correction and voice over.
I love the term for television because it suggests a “vision” in the product. I think I’m going to start two terms from now on. “Filmvision” and “Films for web” because you need more than a cameraman to tell your story, in this critical time compressed age we live in, you need a filmmaker.

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