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WordPress gets resultsWhy I recommend Wordpress for your webstie platform.

As a filmmaker you may ask why do I write so much about websites? The reason is simple. As clients come to me with a need for a commercial or short video for their website, we often find that their business website is in need of  an upgrade. The major issues we look for in a healthy website are:

  1. Is it mobile or tablet friendly?
  2. Does it load quick above the fold?
  3. Is it a clean and reflect your brand?
  4. Can you update it easily and often?

We work specifically in WordPress because of those reasons. There are other platforms out there, but WordPress has been a solid platform for us to work in and to have our clients get in the content game with. We take WordPress and with upgrades with our custom graphics and custom content design make our client’s sites look amazing. And we can do it for a fraction of the cost of a custom coded site.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is also a major player in the platform game. We do not claim to be SEO experts, there are some great companies who focus on that. However we have been able to land over half of our clients on the front page of a google search with just common sense keywords and WordPress.

There are many other reasons, but we do believe that this is a great platform and as the challenges of marketing your business on the web we suggest you have a consultant who can work with you on a specific look that meets your company’s needs.

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