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What is a School Biography?John Ondo discusses why your school and community should be documented

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Everyday in the news there is a story of a historic theater, school or church that is being torn down. It is part of life. However, just because the building is gone doesn’t mean it has to be forgotten. In 2008, John Ondo created the “School Biography Project”. The concept is to tell the story  of these communities and buildings so they are not lost when the building is gone through the lens and narration of the video production of Ondo Media in Columbus, Ohio.

Recently Ondo Media won and Emmy Award for its School Biography of a small school in Ohio. John spoke about the Emmy and the reason he is passionate about the School Biography project and why it’s one our our favorite video production projects we produce. And it can make your organization money in the process.

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    • Ingrid Silcian says:

      Thank you for the excellent presentation last Sunday at Nora;s meeting,.
      I left you my card after the meeting.
      I hear that the production of a UTube today is a way to promote books, such as mine,
      The Piano Tuner’s Daughter, the Huvenile Memoir for kids 7 thru 112 who grew up in Nazi Germany.

      Can you tell me what is involved to get traffic for my book beyond f, twitter and Linkedin” I have not
      had much success beyond breaking even with the publishing costs for it.

      Thank you.

      Ingrid Silvian

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