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Three DON’TS when producing a commercialCommon mistakes made by companies trying to produce videos for social media

Ever go to your favorite restaurant, excited to eat your favorite dishes and order too much? I’ve sat staring at the styrofoam box thinking, “How did this happen, I know I wanted to eat myself into a coma tonight.” Its pretty easy to understand, your body can only take in so much food no matter how hungry you think you are.

…its just potentially the whole world who’ll see your video.

I’ve found the same is true in producing videos and films. I often have preliminary calls with potential clients and ask what’s the one idea you want the audience to capture from this: 45 or: 90-second video? Usually, I get a list of 4 or 5 things they want to mention. “Our service, our location, our history or that we are doing something new”. Your audience will end up with a styrofoam box of unanswered thoughts cramming all that on their plate. The goal is always to leave the audience wanting more so they dig for more info. We all know the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) which is a great motto.

Here are a few things your company need to avoid when you’re considering your starting a video campaign online.

You Have One Point To Make

Remember when you would get a sales brochure for Buick. It would have all the cars listed, with all the features, warranties. Today one car will get a single page fact sheet. Apply this concept to your video. Do not have a four-minute video talking about six products. Create six thirty-second videos featuring each product. Don’t make your brochure your video storyboard.

It’s Video, Not A Brochure

It’s a common starting point for a team;  “Let’s just use our print or radio material as a starting point”.  A video takes some of its cues from print and radio, but it is an entirely different medium. We run twenty-four pictures a second versus one. Video can set a mood with music or lighting at the same time. What takes a paragraph in a print piece or ten seconds on the radio, video can do in an instant! Having storyteller familiar with video is critical to work with your team. The most powerful videos on social media are testimonies, but they are rarely used in other media. What your audience is looking for online is not the same thing they listen to or read in many cases.

We Can Do That Better

While I was writing this, a TV commercial for a mattress company just came across my screen. The owner of the company was on camera; he was apparently reading a script, poorly without emotion. He was in front of a fake bedroom that was assembled in a studio with generic discount furniture. What should have been the best part of the video was shot on a cellphone. The commercial was a rip-off of another company’s pillow commercial I see often, but this one was just horrible. Why? Because I’m sure that in a meeting someone said, “I bet we can do a better job ourselves making a commercial”, even though they had never produced one. There’s a reason why MLB & NFL use professionals and not armchair athletes. Professionals work hard to get results. Don’t make the mistake that will cost you more, which is listening to your staff say “We can do that.” If they haven’t in the past, they shouldn’t now with your money.

Getting a professional to consult your team or produce your campaign is the best thing you can do to prevent destroying your company’s brand by cutting corners. It’s not expensive and will bring you the best results! Remember its just potentially the whole world who’ll see your video.

John Ondo is a three-time Emmy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker & Author. His production company, Ondo Media, creates commercial & documentary films and media programs for emerging churches. Based in Columbus, Ohio, John Ondo, can be followed on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and our Ondo Media Vimeo site. You can also get his book “How To Avoid A Media Meltdown” at Amazon.Com or at the Ondo Media Bookstore.

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