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The Tale of Two LogosWendy's Hamburgers & Nationwide Insurance flip flop their branding

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When you see a white apple or a red bullseye, you know instantly what company it represents. Often when we discuss branding we think logos. In our fair city of Columbus Ohio which is home to Ondo Media, we are home to several iconic brands including Wendy’s Hamburgers and Nationwide Insurance. Both institutions have gone through what I would call a logo reversal. Wendy’s has been known since the early 70’s for it’s “Old Fashioned Hamburgers.” After some recent research, Wendy’s found that today’s consumers no longer connect “Old Fashioned” with quality food.

What does your logo and brand say about you? Does it say stability? Is it easily recognizable?

So Wendy’s moved from a classic logo to more contemporary style with emphasis on the word “Quality.” The hamburger chain now is dawning its new modern style restaurants which are quite the opposite of the Dave Thomas generation; however, the food remains the same. On the flip side, over a decade ago, Nationwide insurance began using a simple blue box for its logo. The concept I believe was more for creative use in print and television. But this past week, Nationwide announced it was returning to its roots and returned the logo back to the soaring eagle over the letter N.
I think both moves make a lot of sense. For fast food, your market is the minivan crowd. Families want quality fast, and that needs to be communicated visually via the brand. Insurance is a sign of stability and legacy. The Nationwide move to return to their classic logo is a common trend among many companies who “modernized” their logos in the 70’s and 80’s and now were returning to the “retro” look which not only looks better in many cases, but I also believe conveys a sense of stability to the brand. Maybe someday Wendy’s will return to Old Fashioned when it becomes synonymous with Quality again. Only time will tell. As I consult and help develop television and print media for my clients I often start with the brand message and the logo.
What does your logo and brand say about you? Does it say stability? Is it easily recognizable? Here’s a couple of tips you should think about with your logo.

  1. Do the colors match the target audience?
    Pink for girls, blue for boys, red for action, green for the environment, etc. There is an entire psychology to color choice that you need to research.
  2. Your logo shape should be a rectangle.
    There are many ways to modify this. However, websites typically are built for a rectangle logo. If your logo is square or round, no sweat just place the name of the company to the right or left of it to make it rectangular. (i.e., my Ondo Media logo)
  3. Fonts are important
    Resist the urge to use what I refer to as “crazy fonts.” Look at Apple, Target, HP, SAMSUNG. They all use very simple easy to read fonts.
  4. Don’t change it
    Resist the urge to “rebrand” every six months. Doing so says to consumers that you’re not stable and maybe changing ownership. Find a look and stick with it for at least five years and then modify slowly.

Your logo and brand say everything about you in just a few seconds.

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John also serves as a board member and supporter of the Central Ohio Chapter of the March of Dimes.

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