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Super Bowl & Super Glue Drama on SundaySome Companies will roll the dice on SuperBowl ads on Sunday

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For just a tad over $4 million dollars, you could have North America talking about your product a week from today. These numbers seem overinflated? (Sorry for the Tom Brady jab) However, that was the price last year for a :30 second buy.
This year we have the same basic combinations of sponsors taking a shot at the Super Bowl commercial superstar status. Automobiles, Beer, Soft Drinks, websites, a lot of candy and Doritos are all in the game again.

It’s not like the “old days” anymore

Unlike the 90’s which seemed like the heyday of the Super Bowl commercial, the trend for the past decade has been to leak the commercial, on the internet, to get some extra buzz. Jimmy Fallon previewed Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial last week in attempt to create some advance publicity. That makes me wonder how it’s a SuperBowl commercial when it actually runs on the Tonight Show two weeks before the game?

For years, there was an attempt to use motion picture budgets to create a thirty-second movie. However, in today’s over produced culture, it’s harder for those ads to stand out. For many agencies, going back to basics has been more effective.

This year Loctite, the maker of Super Glue, will place their entire budget on a single ad buy on Sunday

This year a small company not far from me in Westlake, Ohio called Loctite the maker of Super Glue, will spend the same amount on one short ad this Sunday as their entire advertising budget last year. Loctite has a history of creating some eye catching print ads so their Super Bowl ad we expect to be memorable. Will this big gamble work? Will it give them a return on their investment? We’ll find out soon enough.

Two weeks ago Allstate created a unique campaign that ran during the National Championship College Football Playoffs, using their Mayhem spokesman auctioning off stolen items and directing the audience to a website that was overloaded with traffic. It was a great use of a popular culture icon and driving the audience to take action.

What will happen on Sunday? Ad Age has a great breakdown of the spots as they are currently available; you can view that here.

The question isn’t what ad makes people laugh or cry the most. I think of it as return on investment.

Who’s the Best?

This Sunday I will do what everyone does during the game, give their opinion on what ad was the best. My focus is which spot reflects the brand’s values and causes the best retention the following day. When I produce commercials and videos here in Columbus I look for the same ideas, not just good content, but I ask will viewers remember the sponsor name or product the next day.

For the fourth year, I will be on Twitter commenting in as close to real time as possible my thoughts on the commercials this year from my favorite cigar shop in Westerville Ohio. And later Sunday night I will issue my top 3 best spots for SuperBowl XLIX right here.

Be a part of the conversation and enjoy the fun that is an American original, the pageantry of Super Bowl Sunday in America.

In case you forgot last year, here were my top selections from 2014.

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