Ondo Media presents the School Biography Project

Every School Has A Story…

and they need to be told before these buildings are all gone.

Before the new school opens, document the old one.

Capture the history of your school and preserve it for future generations.

Not only is it a great film but it’s also a great fundraiser. Schools can raise thousands of dollars and we make it easy for the community to sponsor the DVD or BluRay so the school requires little to no budget for this project.

A Critical Time In Our History

At the turn of the twentieth century, thousands of school buildings were built across this country. At the time, these buildings were wired with electricity and indoor plumbing and were predicted to last for the next one hundred years.   Now with new environmental, technological & ergonomic challenges in the twenty-first century; these schools are now coming to an end.




“I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend your service to any school district/building interested in doing a similar project. “Reflections of Elida” has been, and continues to be, a very successful collaboration.” – Superintendent Don Diglia, Elida Local Schools

What is School Documentary Film?

EXAMPLE: “Echoes of Gomer School”

Benefits of the School Biography project


  • Your historic building will be documented in stunning HD video forever.
  • The profits from this project will be an ongoing source of income for your school system.
  • The community will see this project as an additional effort to preserve the school’s heritage.
  • We will be able to document the reasons and benefits of the new building so future students will appreciate the past.




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