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Remembering Bob Conners, WTVN Columbus

On Sunday November 23,  Bob Conners who served for over 30 years as Columbus Ohio’s number one morning show host, passed away at his home in Florida.  Bob’s career began in his small hometown in Pennsylvania, where he says “I was born to do one thing, radio.” Conners’ career brought him to 610AM WTVN in 1964 when AM radio was still a rock and roll medium. At that time “over the top” was how a DJ was suppose to sound. Bob continued to develop and adapt as radio changed, and his show has been the most listened to radio program in Central Ohio during his reign as the Morning Monarch. Bob Conners retired in Novemeber of 2011 from WTVN which he said  “he was going out on top” remaining number one in the market until the end. To honor Bob and tell his story to the four decades of listeners, John Ondo and Ondo Media produced four tribute videos for WTVN in 2011 for Conner’s retirement. Ondo previously had also worked with Bob Conners as his producer on Saturday Morning Opens phones from 2006-2009. “I learned more from Bob about understanding how to serve your audience than anyone in broadcasting; he was one of the wisest persons I’ve had the honor of knowing.” commented Ondo.

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John also serves as a board member and supporter of the Central Ohio Chapter of the March of Dimes.
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    • Judith Ann Casto says:

      Bob had a boat dock at Hunt’s Landing at Buckeye Lake. Every Sunday morning he would arrive at the Blue Goose Restaurant for his Sunday ritual at 6:00 A.M. We did not open until 6:30 but he would be there and the waitress would let him in. Everyone let him have his privacy and he knew he was at a place where he could relax. This went on for many years and he and I became good friends. I had the privilege of becoming a friend to his wife and daughter also. Bob loved to talk on his show on Saturday morning about the man at the bait store named “Lefty”. Not like Sammy, Lefty was for real and Bob would talk to him on Sunday and people would come up to Lefty and tell him about Bob Connors talking about him on the radio and Bob would just chuckle and no one really “found out”. It was just great fun. It was an honor to know him.

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