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Ondo Media wins EmmyColumbus based production company wins Emmy for documentary

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A documentary about the former school in Gomer, Ohio was honored on August 2 in Columbus with an Emmy Award®.

“Echoes of Gomer School” is a film about the school, which opened in 1914 in northern Allen County in the village of Gomer. The school served the community until 1969 when the high school was consolidated with Elida and then, eventually reduced to just a kindergarten and then closed in 2012.

John Ondo, Filmmaker at 2014 Emmy Awards

John Ondo, Filmmaker at 2014 Emmy Awards

“These small town schools just aren’t around anymore, and when the State School Board consolidated them into larger schools, it took the heart right out of small town’s like Gomer. I wanted that story to be told.” according to producer of the documentary John Ondo of Columbus. Ondo, a native of Lima, Ohio who produced, shot and edited the documentary that was used as a fundraising project for the Gomer Alumni, and it was also broadcast on WTLW TV.

On August 2, Ondo and his production company; Ondo Media, were honored with an Emmy Award given by the National Academy of Television Science, Ohio Valley Chapter in the category of photography for this film. “I have been shooting video and film for over 30 years, but the Gomer project was something special, I just felt it the first day I started shooting the exteriors.” said Ondo.

Every school has a story to tell. “Echoes of Gomer School” is part of the School Biography Project at Ondo Media.  We partner with local communities to produce historical documentaries for schools with a great story. We produce a film about the school and then it is sold to alumni as a fundraiser to the school. Anyone interested in finding out more about this project can contact John Ondo for more information.

Ondo Media produced the 2011 documentary “Reflections of Elida” and is currently filming a documentary on the history of Botkins School called “The Trojan Journey” due to be released in May of 2015.