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What Dale Carnegie Understood About the Value of Video Marketing

Dale Carnegie understood the power of video marketing as a tool of success. While the quote below from Mr. Carnegie was likely intended to impact professionals who speak and present to live groups and audiences, it also completely sums up the importance of video production and marketing when it comes to building and imaging your..

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Remembering Bob Conners, WTVN Columbus

On Sunday November 23,  Bob Conners who served for over 30 years as Columbus Ohio’s number one morning show host, passed away at his home in Florida.  Bob’s career began in his small hometown in Pennsylvania, where he says “I was born to do one thing, radio.” Conners’ career brought him to 610AM WTVN in..

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The Tale of Two LogosWendy's Hamburgers & Nationwide Insurance flip flop their branding

When you see a white apple or a red bullseye, you know instantly what company it represents. Often when we discuss branding we think logos. In our fair city of Columbus Ohio which is home to Ondo Media, we are home to several iconic brands including Wendy’s Hamburgers and Nationwide Insurance. Both institutions have gone..

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