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You don’t need a video, you need a film for web!Why just hiring someone to do a video is a mistake.

Words mean things. Recently there’s been a buzz in marketing and social media circles about “videos for web”. I even have it on my website because I know it’s a popular search term. However, it’s a horribly inaccurate phrase. I have an ego like all of us do. My skin crawls when someone says “You’re..

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Charleston, Racism, Hate & MediaHere's the reason you're mad all the time.

Charleston, Racism, Hate & Media. Here’s how it works; you don’t get ratings for having normal rational people on air. You get it by stirring the pot. If you lead an organization, especially a non-profit, you need air time to raise funds, so you stir the pot. And then there’s the 2nd amendment and “life..

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The Media Renaissance pt2More choices, more media opportunities

Non-Profits and Churches have a great opportunity in the new on demand video worlds we are living in. Don’t mourn the death of traditional cable and television.  John shares his thoughts and invites your comments. John Ondo is an Emmy Award Winning TV Producer, Media Consultant & Author. His production company, Ondo Media, creates the finest in video..

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