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Three DON’TS when producing a commercialCommon mistakes made by companies trying to produce videos for social media

Ever go to your favorite restaurant, excited to eat your favorite dishes and order too much? I’ve sat staring at the styrofoam box thinking, “How did this happen, I know I wanted to eat myself into a coma tonight.” Its pretty easy to understand, your body can only take in so much food no matter..

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What a church can learn from Harley-Davidson

I like cars. Classic cars and fun cars. I have a ’91 Miata, if you rolled your eyes, that tells me you’ve never driven one on a sunny day. I have to admit though I’ve alway wanted a motorcycle. I love the attitude, the freedom and individual style that bikes have over cars. A Guy..

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Thank God for LOCAL TV & Radio!Cable news doesn't care about your little town's disaster.

Last night I watched with concern as I had family and friends in the path of several destructive and potentially deadly tornados in Indiana & Ohio. Cable news isn’t about the news, just entertainment, and ratings. I watched this news unfold in real time, not on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, because despite having access to..

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