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What a church can learn from Harley-Davidson

I like cars. Classic cars and fun cars. I have a ’91 Miata, if you rolled your eyes, that tells me you’ve never driven one on a sunny day. I have to admit though I’ve alway wanted a motorcycle. I love the attitude, the freedom and individual style that bikes have over cars. A Guy..

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Thank God for LOCAL TV & Radio!Cable news doesn't care about your little town's disaster.

Last night I watched with concern as I had family and friends in the path of several destructive and potentially deadly tornados in Indiana & Ohio. Cable news isn’t about the news, just entertainment, and ratings. I watched this news unfold in real time, not on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, because despite having access to..

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You don’t need a video, you need a film for web!Why just hiring someone to do a video is a mistake.

Words mean things. Recently there’s been a buzz in marketing and social media circles about “videos for web”. I even have it on my website because I know it’s a popular search term. However, it’s a horribly inaccurate phrase. I have an ego like all of us do. My skin crawls when someone says “You’re..

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