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Internet, Mail & Broadcast Advertising: Who Wins?Where are you placing your media resources?

Don’t you love it when consultants or even worse a college intern show up in a marketing meeting and throws out some broad statement like “No one watches TV anymore we should be all-in with YouTube advertising”.  What they meant to say was “Me and my friends don’t watch TV anymore and we just watch online content”. Well the simple truth is the iPad and Kindle have not shut down printing presses everywhere. They still make USA Today and local newspapers. And as long as there is sports and news and bad cell phone coverage we will always have TV & Radio.  As a producer of  documentaries that deal with history, you can see a trend as new technology emerges it takes awhile for it to settle into its markets. AM Radio is still a strong player twenty years after it was said “AM is dead” well it wasn’t. It just redefined itself. Newspapers and TV Networks will never have a monopolizing market share again, but all the better for all of us who love target marketing. One of my media clients who I consult is a real estate agent. We built him a great website with all the toys, social media and did it all top notch. However, the strongest hits he gets on his website aren’t from Groupon or a Facebook Ads, its from good ol bulk mail that he sends to specific zip code addresses. I have another client who is doing a unique start up. We’ve struggled to get some movement on his website until he was asked to make regular appearances each week on a big local TV show as an analyst. Results that took months are now happening overnight.

Companies should use a blend of all media platforms based on your target audience.

When the stock market flip over in 2008 my financial planner said “Don’t worry we have you in mutual funds and where there are losers there are also winners and we have you invested on both sides so you wont lose”. The same sound advice is true in media. Depending on your product a nice healthy balance of print, broadcast and internet may bring you the best results.  Nothing ever just “disappears” from the America media market. So the next time someone in a meeting says “Facebook is dead, you need to move to XYZ now, thats where its happening!” just fire them. A good consultant knows how to mix the blend of media to yield a profit for you, not just tell you what the hot new app is.


John Ondo, Ondo Media, Columbus OhioJohn Ondo is an veteran, award winning Producer/Director, Media Consultant & Author. His production company, Ondo Media, creates the finest in video & film productions as well as social media and web strategies. Based in Columbus, Ohio, John Ondo can be followed on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and our Ondo Media Vimeo site. You can also get his book “How To Avoid A Media Meltdown” at Amazon.Com or at the Ondo Media Bookstore.

John also serves as a board member and supporter of the Central Ohio Chapter of the March of Dimes.





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