"John Ondo is the voice of experience, and in today's changing media world, experience matters. Avoiding A Media Meltdown is a fantastic collection of real life experiences that will keep you from making serious media mistakes." - Phil Cooke, filmmaker & author of "Jolt! Get a Jump on a World that's Constantly Changing"

Are you asking these questions as a business owner?

  • Does your company need a website but don’t know who to trust to build it?
  • Can Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest really promote my business?
  • Will the video I’m producing for Kickerstarter really work?
  • You’re stuck with a website that you can’t update?
  • Keys to writing a great script for a commercial or web video.

How to Avoid a Media Meltdown - Ondo


If you’re a business owner, or someone who is ready to promote a product on a video or on a website but not sure where to start, you can’t afford to not read John’s book. John call’s himself a Casear of Media, which is to say he believes you need to take your media by the horns and make it work for you!

John’s book give practical advise based on his over 30 years in television. John was one of the pioneers who combined television and internet interaction to promote his programs.  John will help remove those stumbling blocks that are slowing you down from creating an online presence.

How to Avoid A Media Meltdown will encourage business owners to be proactive with who the use to build their media and give important information to help then with their choices.

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