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Film about Botkins School to premiere July 12The Trojan Journey, the latest School Biography by Ondo Media

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John Ondo , Producer; Ondo Media- 614.547.7121

Connie Schneider, Superintendent; Botkins Local Schools, 937-693-4241

A film that has been in production for nearly two years will be debut on July 12 at 3pm at Botkins Local Schools. “The Trojan Journey” is a documentary that looks at the history and tradition of the Shelby County school. This past winter the students moved into its new school building, replacing the previous facility that served over three generations of students.

The old Botkins School 1964

The old Botkins School 1964

Botkins Local School is one of a shrinking number of schools in the country that has all grades from kindergarten through twelve under one roof. The school system dates back to 1902 and remains too small to have even a high school football program, yet has resisted consolidation into larger school districts. This May the senior class graduated 42 students, and the school maintains an excellent education rating from the State of Ohio.

This is a story of a community that places their kids first

John Ondo, Director/Producer

John Ondo, Director/Producer

Ohio Valley Chapter, Emmy award-winning filmmaker, John Ondo, directed and edited the documentary that began filming in fall of 2013. His company Ondo Media, a video production company based in Columbus Ohio, specializes in creating films preserving the history of small town America. “This is a story of a community that places their kids first,” said Ondo. “One of the unique parts of the Botkins story is the unique relationship the school had with a local Catholic elementary school through the 1960s.” Ondo explained that the public and parochial school had a cooperative relationship, shared playgrounds, supported each other’s events. Later when the Catholic school was discontinued, some of the Nuns, who were teachers, were employed by the public school for a time.”

Featuring interviews with students, faculty and alumni, the 55-minute film will highlight the school’s traditions, history as well as some of the educators who have become legends. Also, the film documents the transition from the old school building that was built in 1957 to the new building that was opened on January 4.

The screening of the film that is open to the public is a free event at the new Botkins School. The production of the film has been underwritten by a local grant.

View the 3 minute trailer:

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