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Effective media writing: The Before & After Story

From How to Avoid a Media Meltdown 

It’s all about the story. I repeat this when I’m consulting with clients who are asking about what kind of video they want to produce for a commercial or for their website. Testimonials are the most powerful way to share with an audience what your product can do for them. And in the Testimonial genre, the Before & After is the king! Everyone wants a second chance. A fresh start at life and nothing relates that more powerfully in television than the before & after stories. Whether its a home makeover or a story of how a Chef goes to a failing restaurant and remakes its menu and brand, these stories tap into our spirit of wanting to erase the problems we’ve created and start new. I was on Facebook one day when I came across this story of a woman sharing her personal story of losing over eighty pounds and how she now coached women to do the same.

Testimonials are the most powerful way to share with an audience what your product can do for them.

The story was compelling however the looked like it had been self produced and was hard to hear the audio clearly. I contacted the woman who owned the business, who was in the video and she has since become a great friend and client. When I sat down with Shelley Johnson that first time I explained to her that she has an amazing story and so do her clients but her video was too long and the audio is hard to understand. She agreed to allow me to produce a video that not only highlighted her but two other women who had amazing transformations because of Shelley’s Losing Coach program. The new video I was able to capture the emotions of these women having their lives changed was powerful. Now Shelley’s business has gone through the roof because she knows first hand about the power of the testimonial and the before and after story.

A professional will help you with making these critical decisions. There are many shortcuts and ways to make your video outstanding from a artistic perspective. I teach classes all the time to help production teams learn the important tools of the trade and I would be happy to work with your team as well. However it all comes down to a story. Plain and simple.

Visit Shelley’s Losing Coach Website

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