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Learn Editing from John this AprilLearn storytelling through video editing.


Dates: Saturdays April 13-27 | 10:00am-12:30pm

14 to Adult | all skill levels
Instructor: John Ondo

Columbus, Ohio is becoming the capital for independent filmmakers. Now you can learn first hand of the art of storytelling by editing a film.  In this class you will learn the how to use the techniques the pros use in editing television and movies. John Ondo is an Emmy Nominated director and known for his aggressive editing style. You can learn the secrets from John this April at the McConnell Arts Center.

The class will use professional Adobe Premiere Elements as well as Adobe Premiere Pro and every student will have hands on time with the edit system

Who should come:

Anyone interested in creating movies. No experience required.

Need to bring:

All equipment for this project will be provided.

Register Now at McConnellArts.Org

Course Schedule

Week 1:  Editing Basics

  • The Editing Software
  • Importing your footage
  • Basic Transitions

Week 2: The Effects

  • Cuts & Dissolves
  • The Reaction Shots
  • Color Correction

Week 3: Don’t forget the sound

  • Sound
  • Exporting your project
  • HD formats explained



  1. 3 Comments

    • Michael Ndaribamare says:

      Hello, I was trying to register for this class, but it says page not found. I am dying to be in this class.


      • Michael Ndaribamare says:

        sorry just realised this was for 2013 🙁

        • John Ondo says:

          Which class are you interested in? We will have more later this year.

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