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Documentary Filmmaking showcased in Columbus


There is nothing that gets me as excited as the word “documentary”. I remember as a young child watching the Leonard Nimoy TV series “In Search Of” each week. I was spell bound to learn about phenomenoms and historic people long before there was a History Channel. I was telling my filmmaking class that creating films can be rewarding for entertaining and inspiring an audience but for me how much more rewarding it is to produce a film that tells the story of a real person, historical place or event thats never been told before. Documentary filmmaking in my own mind is one of the noblest art forms that we have today. In our quick paced world of ninety second news stories, to take ninety minutes to tell a story is just the lap of luxury. Ken Burns’s efforts to tell the story of America through his amazing documentaries has set a high standard for genre of film.

I’ve had the privilege to produce several award winning documentaries and short stories ranging from being embedded with medical teams traveling to war torn countries, to the story I’m working on now of a small Ohio town that had it’s 100 year old school shut down, and how thats affected the town’s identity. I just love producing documentaries as much as watching them.

Documentary filmmakers are the modern day storytellers of our digital culture.

Emmy Nominated "5 Broken Cameras"

Emmy Nominated “5 Broken Cameras”

Starting this Friday at the Gateway Cinema on High Street in Columbus, the 2013 Columbus Documentary Week will begin. Some of the most amazing new documentaries will be screened and possibly for the first time in our area. Including the Emmy Nominated “5 Broken Cameras”. Some of these films are political, some are just fun.

I give the biggest salute to Johnny DiLoretto and the staff at the Gateway for making this event possible. I want to strongly encourage both my filmmaking colleges and fans of film to visit the link and try to make it to as many of these amazing films as possible.

We can only shape our future by learning about our past as well as how things are being shaped in the present. Being able to digest these amazing stories will not only educate but inspire us. I hope to see you at some of the screenings.

John Ondo, Ondo Media, Columbus OhioJohn Ondo is an Emmy Nominated TV Producer, Media Consultant & Author. His production company, Ondo Media, creates the finest in video & film productions as well as social media and web strategies. Based in Columbus, Ohio, John Ondo, can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our Ondo Media Vimeo site. You can also get his book “How To Avoid A Media Meltdown” at Amazon.Com or at the Ondo Media Bookstore.

John also serves as a board member and supporter of the Central Ohio Chapter of the March of Dimes.

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