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Churches & Bars, more alike than you think?Eliminate the Stress of Television Production on Sunday

I’ve come to a new paradigm in my marketing mind. Bars and Churches are a lot a like.  Here’s my reasoning behind this. I have become a avid fan of the TV reality show Bar Rescue on Spike TV. Jon Taffer is a well known consultant in the restaurant industry who rescues failing bars. Each week he walks into a situation where some well meaning people thought because they enjoyed eating at a local pub, they could own one. While owning a bar isn’t a big deal, if you have the money, running one is another story. Often the meltdown occurs with a lack of management watching over the finances, the procedures and setting the bar up to be something “experienced” by its customers.

I’ve worked, produced & directed church media about as long as Mr. Taffer has worked with bars, over 30 years. I find most of the same failings in churches with their  media production fall under the same as those I mentioned in the bars.  I was talking with a friend the other day who told me about a church who has two full time, well paid staff people in the media department who basically just burn a few DVDs during the weekdays.  I found this to be appalling since that is a waste of donated money.  Where’s the breakdown? Pastors of churches, like the bar owners I mentioned earlier, are unaware of what it takes to run a media department. So they either get bamboozled by staff that over react every time a request for media is made or the Pastor’s demands for video production are  so unrealistic that the media staff and pastor end up with no mutual respect and a civil war begins. Either way the Pastor’s blood pressure rises when the word media is mentioned, and the media staff never looks forward to working in a ministry, which I feel is a horrible shame.

Two different types of people

Pastors often like to fly by the seat of their pants. Media teams like lots of planning so there are no surprises. You can see why this creates stress on Sundays. Goals and planning are essential to your churches media production. Often times when I’ve been called into consult a church media team, most of the problems are in getting the two sides to understand each other.  Its always very rewarding to leave a Pastor and their media team now on the same adventure, working together and not against each other. Take time to understand that both of your jobs are critical. Be transparent. I encourage Pastors to set goals and lead the media team, however they must also respect the needs of the TV team so they can do their job well. Training is also VERY critical.

Two things to consider before firing your church media team

1. How much have you invested in them? Not equipment, but in their continuing education of the art and just letting them know they are part of the team?

2. What are my expectations of the media department? Have I given clear “deliverables” with measurable goals?

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John Ondo, Ondo Media, Columbus OhioJohn Ondo is an veteran, award winning Producer/Director, Media Consultant & Author. His production company, Ondo Media, creates the finest in video & film productions as well as social media and web strategies. Based in Columbus, Ohio, John Ondo can be followed on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and our Ondo Media Vimeo site. You can also get his book “How To Avoid A Media Meltdown” at Amazon.Com or at the Ondo Media Bookstore.

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