Before you produce your company’s first videoSimple questions you need to ask first

The first item that always makes my eyes roll in any creative meeting is when someone with no media experience says “We have a great idea to make this video cutting edge like….” and they name some TV show that’s been on the air for two years. If you have a media producer or webmaster who makes..

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Which commercial will tell the best story?I'm told there's also a football game going on Sunday.

It’s a great day to be an American as we will celebrate what has become a national holiday; The Super Bowl. And whether you have a dog in this race tonight or not, the commercials will take center stage.  Volkswagen, Honda and Budweiser all will make a big splash as always.  A :30 second slot is upwards..

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Has your company been orphaned by a website designer?If you can't update your site, you've been left out in the cold.

Last week was record breaker. I met two business owners who were orphaned. They were not orphaned like children in the traditional sense, but were left out in the cold by a “Buddy” who was helping them design their company’s website and bailed. I hear these stories all too often. One of the business owners..

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