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Thank God for LOCAL TV & Radio!Cable news doesn't care about your little town's disaster.

Last night I watched with concern as I had family and friends in the path of several destructive and potentially deadly tornados in Indiana & Ohio.

Cable news isn’t about the news, just entertainment, and ratings.

I watched this news unfold in real time, not on CNN, FOX or MSNBC, because despite having access to all the real-time pool feeds to cover the disaster, no major cable news network broke in to spread the word of the disaster. The only coverage was on The Weather Channel. After a time I began to pull up local Indianapolis & Toledo stations streaming live for their local coverage which was by far, the best. It’s a miracle despite the amount of damage more lives weren’t lost. It was LOCAL Radio & TV stations with their apps and live streams I give credit to for this. Cable news isn’t about the news, just entertainment, and ratings.
I want to give everyone a quick lesson (especially in Louisiana & Indiana) on how live network news coverage works. Your disasters never got live coverage, because the news networks think the larger national audience doesn’t care about your small city disasters. Consultants and real-time analytics for CNN, MSNBC & FOX, are telling their producers that creating conflict over Trump/Hilliary gives them more eyeballs watching. If this had been a flood/tornado in a major market like Miami or New York City you would have seen Don Lemon on a plane with his team. The news that is being delivered to you is not news or even real journalism. It’s a panel of commentators, not journalists arguing over talking points. And even a disaster with real-time video isn’t enough to cut to breaking news from that panel.

So even a major political candidate couldn’t get the news networks to pay attention to the disaster in Indiana

Want proof? Last night when Vice Presidential candidate, and Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, broke from his campaign to fly back to Indiana and held a press conference; only The Weather Channel carried it. So even a major political candidate couldn’t get the news networks to pay attention to the disaster in Indiana or how a VP candidate reacts under pressure.

What should we do? People of Louisiana, Indiana & Western Ohio. Call your local radio and television stations today. Ask for their news directors and meteorologists and tell them thank you. LOCAL television and radio news are our last hope of bringing you stories that matter to you and your family. Your call will not matter to CNN or FOX but it will to many of these local stations struggling to stay alive in today’s media climate.
Viewers still control the media. If we don’t watch, they have to change their ways. Please support local television stations and don’t call and complain when they interrupt The Voice with breaking weather coverage!

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